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Order Forms

Exhibitors' Checklist
Form 1 Exposition Directory íV Free Entry of ExhibitoríŽs Information
Part A - For Raw Space Exhibitors
Form 2 Raw Space Contractors' Information
Form 3 Electricity Supply & Communications Facilities
Part B - Standard Booths Exhibitors
Form 4 Additional Furniture / Facilities / Modifications of Standard Facilities (Additional Facilities Brochure)
Form 5 Additional Electricity Supply & Lighting of Standard Facilities
Form 6 AV, Plant & Communications Facilities
Form 7 Contractors' Information
Form S1 Order Form For Special Furniture (Special item catalogue)
Form S2 Order Form For Display Showcase (Special item catalogue)
  Conditions of Order for Form S1 & S2
Part C - Advertising & Promotion Opportunities
Form 8 'Technology/Design Services Presentation' Application Form
Form 9 Expo Directory Advertising Space Order Form
Form 10 Advertising Lightboxes Order Form
Form 11 Reception Package Order Form
Part D - Others
Form 12 Additional Exhibitor Badges, Exposition Brochures & Opening Ceremony Invitation Card Application Form
Form 13 Value-for-Money Hotel Booking Form
Form 14 Official Mobile Service Provider Order Form

Inno Design Tech Expo
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