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Inno Talks
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 3D-E

2 December (Thursday)
11:30 V12:00 Upcycling: From Rediscovery to Redefinition
Brian Lee, Lecturer, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
14:00 V 14:30 Qipao, a Many-Splendoured Thing
Tina Liu, Managing Director, Tina Liu Image Consultancy Ltd.
15:00 V 15:30 Hong Kong local creation - "We are blessed"
Zion Wu, Sharon Chan and Jeanie Sit, Montegle Production Ltd
16:00 V 16:30 Brand Crossover Through Creative Fashionable Icon: Antalis "Think Chic" Paper Clutch Bag Collection by 16 designers
Charles Ng, Renowned Brand Design Consultant
17:00 V 17:30 Fabric-lous
Elita Lam, Senior Project Officer, Hong Kong Design Institute

3 December (Friday^

12:00 V 12:30 DIWHY
Prudence Mak, Creative Director, Chocolate Rain
14:00 V 14:30 Creative Careers in Photography V a presentation by SCAD Professor of Photography
Steven Aishman, SCAD Professor of Photography
16:00 V 16:30 Innovation Perspectives in Product Development
Jacqi Chan, Vice President R&D, Blue Box International Ltd.
17:00 V 17:30 User Experience in Designing iPhone Apps
Bill So, Mac + iPhone developer, Headnix
4 December (Saturday)
11:30 V 12:00 To Enkindle the New Generation Creativity of Product Design
Ming Wong, Mingz Creations
HKDI collaborate Students
14:00 V 14:45 Location-based Learning: Turning the City into a Museum
Buck Ng, Head of Centre for Learning and Teaching, Vocational Training Council;
Joanna Cheng, Project Manager, Centre for Learning and Teaching, Vocational Training Council
15:00 V 15:30 Miao's Culture & Sustainable Design
Shaun Cheung, Senior Lecturer, Department of Fashion and Image Design, Hong Kong Design Institute
16:00 V 17:15 From Japan to the World: New Challenges for the Next Generation
18 young designers from Musashino Art University

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